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Get to know yourself using Artificial Intelligence

#1 Clinically Developed and Accredited digital career guidance & university admissions ecosystem

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What makes Xhuma Career Guidance unique?

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Career Interests

Cognitive Ability

We use AI to find your ideal career match while considering each of the characteristics that distinguish you from others

This is why we've won several international awards

XAB uses over 30 years of clinical research and machine learning to predict the perfect career fit for candidates by triangulating their Cognitive Ability, Personality and Career Interests to produce astoundingly accurate results. This ensures that a holistic view is created for each student that is unique to their abilities and strengths.

Career suggestions unique to you

From thousands of relevant careers, based on your personality, cognitive ability and interests.

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Unpack any qualification with its detailed requirements

For each of the 2000+ unique careers personalised to you.

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Plan for ANY and EVERY tertiary study alternative

Every qualification that can be pursued by a scholar has been integrated into the automated career guidance and qualification advisor. This includes every qualification at a private university or college, recognised online learning institution, TVET college and university and covers recognised online qualifications, certificates, higher certificates, diplomas and bachelor degree options. Practically the system will first determine potential natural career fits for candidates but will show them every possible qualification option on offer to pursue those careers with all the necessary detail they require to successfully obtain admission. 

Accurately plan subject choices with future careers in mind

To fit the careers matched to you.

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Select right. The first time.

The data behind the career qualification advisor integrates intelligence into subject choices for scholars at a grade 9 level and above. Practically this allows every school to specify their available subjects in a bucket. Scholars and parents then lock in their subject choices on the platform and the system will intuitively prompt and flag their selections. This includes the limitations of their choices and whether a student has made the correct choices to end up in their envisaged qualification.Students and parents can continually track their academic progress to ensure they will end up in their envisaged qualification and career.

Track your academic performance against the latest admission requirements

You'll always be up to date.

Always ahead of the curve.

Students and parents can continually use the career guidance ecosystem to log their latest academic performance and understand whether they are on track to achieve admission at their institution and qualification of choice. Even when they change subjects, the system intuitively helps them unpack their next steps, making detailed qualification admission planning a breeze at any institution in South Africa.

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Learn about how we do it below.

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Experience the #1 way to find your career fit

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