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Multi-Award Winning

XAB has set the Ed-Tech world ablaze in 2020, receiving several awards for its ground breaking technology and clinical research. Xhuma has pioneered the linkage between clinical research and granular qualification admission criteria.

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Aligned with the best

To ensure that you receive the best insights for your child.

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Xhuma XAB is the official corporate career guidance associate of ISASA.

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How it works?

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Receive clinical feedback

After you have completed the XAB, you will receive a curated list of career paths and written feedback based on your Cognitive Abilities, Personality and Interest Profile to showcase where your career development should be focussed on. You can even schedule session with a Clinical Psychologist if you have any questions

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Write the XAB

Complete the 5 facets of the XAB used to triangulate your individualised career fit.

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Intuitive admission & subject recommendations

XAB contains a comprehensive universal admission calculator to showcase qualifications at institutions you can pursue. It will also assist you with making the correct subject choice as part of your curriculum.

And finally

Schedule a session with a Psychologist to unpack your XAB results.

The important Q's 

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Struggling to understand your career choices? 

Xhuma XAB's career portal and ecosystem was created to guide your career choices. The multi-award winning ecosystem helps you to understand your career options by triangulating your career interests, your aptitude and your personality. As part of this process XAB guides Grade 9 learners with their subject choices and provides Grade 11's & Grade 12's with a list of career alternatives. The entire ecosystem was created by clinical professionals to ensure that each career suggestion is based on the latest objective clinical research. 

What about calculating university admission and APS scores?

Xhuma XAB's career portal links your career choices to the admission requirements of qualifications at a university level. The XAB system performs all the APS score calculations for you. No need to search for APS calculators or trying to understand all the university admission requirements. The days of having to worry about how the APS calculation scores are performed are over. You simply input your subjects and marks to screen qualification eligibility or search qualifications you would like to pursue to understand which subjects you require.

Frustrated with the quality of career recommendations done at your school?

XAB was created specifically to address the inadequate and generic career guidance services offered to aspiring talent. You won't receive a generic recommendation as our technology was created specifically to provide you with objective individualised insights. In this way you are presented with choices to ensure that you are fully informed when making your own decisions. Long gone are the days of only being bucketed as a lawyer, doctor, accountant or engineer. There are thousands of modern careers that could be more relevant to you. It's time for you to experience careers that would naturally suit you.  

What about logistics? Should I write at school or at a psychologist?

XAB is available to write at any time from the comfort of your home. No need to venture out to a career guidance counselor to be tested. You also have the ability to complete the screening on your mobile device. We learnt a lot about optimising mobile interfaces due to our technology architecture and large bursary network (

But I've seen free career guidance? Why should I be careful?

It is so important to steer clear of free career guidance assessments. The only way for these providers to earn income is by directly selling your data. Your aptitude, personality and interests should be protected at all costs and that's why Xhuma's assessments have a cost implication. We keep your information secure and private and we're not in the game of selling your most sensitive personal information. However, our results are at least 75% below the average market charge to increase accessibility for all.

In summary you receive


Career Interests & Industry Matches

Personality Profile & Individual Personality Write-Up

Numerical Reasoning Results Profile

Spatial Reasoning Results Profile

Verbal Reasoning Results Profile

Career Comparative Analysis Pattern

Occupational Correlations per level of Study Required


Universal tertiary admission calculator

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Experience the #1 way to find your career fit

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