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Give your students the best career guidance

#1 Clinically Developed and Accredited digital career guidance & university admissions ecosystem

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Benefits for your school

Privacy & Data Protection

GDPR and POPI compliant secure end-to-end encryption and hosting to ensure the confidentiality of all minor sensitive information.

Unbiased Insights

XAB research includes candidates from various cultures, backgrounds, regions etc to offer unbiased results.

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Learner Identification

XAB's technology driven platform allows for learner identification when administering tests to ensure only legitimate learners are assisted.

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Language Compatibility

Xhuma's psychometrics can be completed in ALL official South African languages.

Individualised Career Matches

XAB will combine all your results across the pillars a produce a list of career matches ranked according to the correlation and the level of study required from 2000+ careers.

Multi-faceted Feedback

The XAB provides balanced feedback across your personality, career interests and cognitive abilities to help you make an informed decision without neglecting the importance of each.

Qualification Admission

Included with Xhuma is an admission and subject choice calculator to help you make informed subject choices that align with your career choices.

Seamless School Rollout

XAB's technology driven platform can be rolled out to any school within 2 days.

Big Data & Analytics

Big data and analytics on student performance and anticipated careers

Automated timetable management

Automate timetable data alignment across your school.

Financial Literacy Curriculum

Teach your students critical money skills from a young age

Bursary Applications

Available to all your students in a single click.

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Experience the #1 way to guide your scholars

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