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You can pay-it-forward to deserving bursary students

With a tertiary success rate of under 30% on the African continent, many students require urgent clinical career guidance when picking a career. At Xhuma we connect you with students in our Tertiary Bursary network who urgently need assistance. Best of all, your spend qualifies for B-BBEE recognition and carries tax benefits. 


But how does this process work?


Contact the Xhuma Team

Contact the Xhuma Team who will be able to present you with the different types of sponsor opportunities available based on your individual or company needs.



Choose a cause you are passionate about

Based on your needs, you can choose a cause you wish to support. Xhuma will take care of all the administrative work to find the perfect choice.


Promote skills development

Your good work will not go unnoticed and based on your supported cause, you can qualify for B-BEE scorecard recognition and Tax incentives. 

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